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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bueno Diaz

On Saturday April 9th, Nick Diaz will defend his Strikeforce Welterweight title vs Paul "Semtex" Daley in what is set up to be an interesting match-up . Semtex is a knock out artist with very heavy hands but I feel that Diaz is too crafty and patient for him. Diaz will be more than willing to sit back and dodge all the haymakers that Daley has to throw at him in an attempt to land the knockout blow. Even if he lands one or two, Diaz has proved again and again that he has a solid chin. Diaz is a beast!He can pick Daley appart with his pin point accuracy and superior boxing skills or finish him on the ground with his high level jiu-jitsu. Paul Daley is a good fighter but Nick Diaz, love him or hate him, is a true martial artist.

Officially, Nick Diaz will be stepping into the cage carrying a nine fight winning streak, however, his last loss came in late 07 vs KJ Noons.In that fight he lost due to a cut he suffered and the ringside doctor stopped the contest. Few years later they had a rematch and Diaz went on to beat KJ in a 5 round decision. Earlier that same year, his record shows a no contest vs Takanori Gomi, he actually destroyed Gomi but the athletic commission later changed it to a no contest due to a failed drug test(weed not P.E.D's)What I'm getting to is that his last true loss came in 2006 at the hands of Sean Sherk, that's a pretty good run if i say so myself. If he goes on to beat "Semtex" on April 9th he should be considered the No. 2 Welterweight in the world and should challenge GSP for the UFC title. Diaz is the only welterweight out there that poses a threat to GSP's reign of terror over the division. Search your feelings you know it be true!

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  1. Nick Diaz is no where near the number 2 welterweight contender. You are forgetting top level fighters such as Fitch,Alves,Condit and hell ever Kampmann. Diaz is the regin of terror in Strikeforce like GSP is in UFC. Need i remind you he left the UFC because he couldnt compete