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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bloggin Guaty wants to hear from you

Usually by now I would have already posted my thoughts and predictions for the upcoming fights at UFC 129, however, I will not be doing that this time. Due to the fact that I take pride in only posting fair and unbiased opinions on here, I am afraid that I cannot be unbiased when it comes to my boy GSP. So what I want to hear from everyone what they think tonight's fights will bring, upsets, business as usual? Let me hear your predictions.


  1. If anyone has ever had a true/ legit shot to dethrone the man of all men, it's Mr. Jake Shields. He's been flying under the radar for most "run of the mill" fans that only follow the UFC. Which is great for him b/c he gets to come in w/ out a whole lot of pressure. All the people that are on GSP's tip should be a little nervous. He's the first worthy opponent since a healthy Hughes. Not to mention the fact that he respects but doesn't fear GSP, the first that can say that and really mean it. I'm putting in the call. Jake shocks the world. All the people that say he has no shot, you could be right...but step back and look at your boys track record and you'll realize you're wrong! Good luck and I'll hit you up after they wrap that belt around the NEW champ. 


  2. I agree with Easy. GSP has never fought someone on this level of jiu jitsu. The past few fights GSP has had were against wresters and strikers. The only person GSP has ever fought with good jiu jitsu is Penn. But lets face it GSP has Penns number. If Shields dethrones GSP the only people who will be surprised will be people who dont know the sport