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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is Vitor really a threat to Anderson's Crown?

It has been called Anderson's toughest test yet. At UFC 126 Anderson Silva is scheduled to defend his title once again versus Vitor Belfort. The fight has been talked up more than any non Brock fight in recent memory but what i cant understand is how the media brainwashed everyone into thinking that Vitor is going to put up a good fight. Can someone please remind me who he has beat that should make me think he's dangerous.Lets see...his last fight (which was over 1yr ago) he beat Rich Franklin by TKO, that would be impressive if Anderson hadn't already made Franklin his girlfriend....twice. Before that he almost killed a 40 year old Matt Lindland, before that he knocked out Terry Martin who's glass jaw is only second to Glass Joe. Vitor has not beat a legit middle weight, or a legit light heavy for that matter. When they guy's highlights on the promo leading up to the fight consist of him still wearing shoes in the octagon, you know he hasn't done anything in a long time. Everyone has a chance and he may very well win tonight but there has not been any evidence of him putting up a good fight.


  1. Nice article bro, i thought the same thing about the whole shoes thing.

  2. Bro that fight was ridiculous! I still don't understand why they thought Belfort was gonna put up a good fight. Like you said, he hasn't fought ANYONE worth really fighting and I laughed when i saw the promo and him still in shoes. haha Silva is a beast hands down and its sad that a simple Teap kick (similar to a jab as you know) put his ass to the ground. lol Oh well....guess we'll see whats next in line for silva