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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How do you kill a Zombie? Go for the head

At WEC 51: Aldo vs Gamburyan, without a doubt the knock out of the night was George Roop's destruction of "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung at the 1:30 mark of the 2nd round. The first round was a bit slow with Roop keeping Jung at bay with his long reach and landing some hard straight jabs. Staying true to his nickname, The Korean Zombie just kept coming straight forward flat footed determined to eat Roop's brain. Only throwing a few haymakers and rarely landing, Jung had no response for the 6'1 featherweight's one-two,  leg kick combo. In the 2nd frame Jung picked it up a bit by charging forward and trying to get into a fire fight. While bobbing, weaving, and swinging back, Roop used an old zombie killing technique he learned by watching the 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. Head shot. Following a crisp punching combo came a text book switch kick that landed perfectly on The Zombie's chin putting him to sleep and giving George Roop the 11th win of his career.


After having a 17 fight win streak and having a reign of terror as the WEC Bantamweight Champion, Miguel Angel Torres had lost 2 fights in a row and it seem as if he was out the door and could not compete in this fast paced weight class anymore. Torres proved all the naysayer wrong, he switched camps and moved up north to Montreal to train under Firas Zahabi at the Tristar Gym along side #1 pound for pound fighter in the world Georges St Pierre. Tonight Miguel came out looking like the old champion we grew to love, overwhelming Charlie Valencia on his feat and on the ground as he submitted him Valencia via rear naked choke near the half way point of the 2nd round.


The bad blood between Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Jamie Varner continued Thursday night as their long anticipated rematch took place. Back in January of '09 Varner earned a controversial decision over Cerrone and the smack talking hasn't stopped since. Cerrone completely dominated the fight by starting off aggressive and opening up the fight with a charge of punches followed by a flying knee. After rocking Varner with a sneaky left, Cowboy surprised every one by taking down the highly decorated wrestler with relative ease. Cerrone continued the fast pace throughout the fight, however, it seemed like Jamie Varner had lost the fight before he even stepped in the cage. At the prefight stare down, Varner would not look up at his opponent. As the fight unfolded it became clear that Varner wasnt fighting to win. It appeared as if Varner's goal was to not get finished. He would throw hard punches when Cowboy would start charging him, he would scramble back up when he got taken down but he never made moves to gain an advantage. Needless to say all 3 judges scored the bout 30-27 for Donald Cerrone.


There were no surprises in the evening's main event when Bantamweight Champion Jose Aldo put his title on the line against Manny Gamburyan. Aldo came out looking like Paco (the muay thai guy) from blood sport with his hand high and bouncing his left leg. Manny came out landing a left hook knocking the champ off balance, Aldo recovered quickly. Both fighters were feeling their opponents out as they were tentative to let their hands go, Aldo landed some hard leg kicks but no big action in the first stanza. The 2nd round was a different story both fighters picking up the pace, Manny went for a take-down but was not successful as Aldo slipped out. Aldo then landed a solid right hand that buckled Gamburyan, seeing that his opponent was hurt, Aldo landed a vicious uppercut that dropped Manny and the insuing barrage of punches was just the icing on the cake. Aldo retains his title and improves his record to 18-1.

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