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Friday, October 28, 2011

UFC CONSPIRACY!!!! (UFC 137 is a PR Stunt)

On the day following one of the greatest World Series games of all time, it's hard to think about anything else besides baseball. But we are also on the eve of UFC 137 and I would like to direct your attention towards what Dana White and the Fertittas are staging.
As the 6 of you who read this blog may know, I have been insistent that Nick Diaz would be the person that dethrones the Welterweight king Georges St Pierre. After Diaz destroyed Paul Daley in his last Strike Force title defense, UFC executives saw the potential of a “Super fight”. UFC champ vs. Strike Force Champ. This set off a series of events that has me calling shenanigans.

·         June 14th 2011 - UFC President Dana White announces St Pierre vs. Diaz to headline UFC 137 on Oct 29th.
For the hardcore MMA fans it was a dream match come true. Unfortunately this fight did not catch the attention of the casual fan and let’s face it, the casual fan is ultimately the majority of the PPV sales.
·         August 08th – Spike TV announces that their 3-part series, UFC Primetime, would feature the UFC 137 headliners
Still, nobody cared. This where I believe the conspiracy starts. GSP vs Diaz is promised to be a classic but there was no hype to set it up. So White plots a PR stunt
·         Sept 06th – Diaz no-shows Toronto presser
·         Sept 07th – Diaz no-shows Las Vegas presser and is scratched from title fight and replaced by Carlos Condit who was scheduled to fight BJ Penn on the co-main event. Dana White says "Nick Diaz can't handle the pressure of a major main event
·         Sept 08th – Diaz rebooked to fight B.J Penn in co-main event of UFC 137
At this point, I get a little suspicious. As a young man that is known to “not play the game”, it’s possible that Diaz no-showed these events. It is not even plausible that someone would leave Dana hanging and make him look like a fool and in return be rewarded with a co-main event fight against an all-time great. Let’s move on.
·         Sept 21st – Dana White tells “if Diaz is victorious and there's no more drama along the way he could be back in line for a title shot.”

This is where I become the irate, Vietnam veteran, POW, conspiracy theorist, crazy man. I figured it out! Dana White set up Diaz to miss the pressers and his intention the whole time was to switch the opponents of the main and co main event and the reasoning is as follows: 
Diaz is a relative unknown to the common folk and will tune in to watch BJ walk through this guy and put him back on track. Right? Wrong! When Diaz puts on a boxing clinic and puts away Penn in convincing fashion, people will be shocked and Diaz will become a house hold name. I also sense another WWE moment during the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan (ie Chael Sonnen) Diaz will surely run his mouth and call out GSP and call him a lot of expletives and the audience in the house and around the world will be hooked for a GSP vs Diaz showdown.
I know what you’re thinking. “Well what if Condit beats St Pierre?” That was the only reason why I hadn’t posted my conspiracy theory before. It had a big hole and I had no explanation for it. And then it happened.
·         Oct 18th –Georges St Pierre pulls out UFC 137 (knee injury)  Penn vs. Diaz named main event of UFC 137
Wow! Are you serious?! This is really happening. Whatever happened to the "Nick Diaz can't handle the pressure of a major main event" quote? White is a very pridefull man and he would never let a fighter get away making a fool of him and reward them with a main event, title eliminator fight, he's cut fighters for less. Of course if Penn wins it will squash any hope of that fight ever happening and it will become this generation’s Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva. Sure they fought eventually but it was late in both of their careers and did anyone really care? The stage is set ….to set up a super fight. Saturday night UFC 137 it’s going down. Expect an “I told you so” from me very soon.


  1. Ill even post it here so other people can read it... 1.) Any GSP fight will attract attention doesnt matter if he's fighting Diaz condit benn shit even brent people will watch just on the fact that its gsp 2.) Dana is a prideful man but hes all about second chances (i.e. hendo, tito, vera, pellegrino, just to name a few) 3.) GSP was injured? oh no!! cuz injurie never mess up a fight card right? so either promote diaz to main event or scrap the card...which was already sold out 4.) and the biggest wrench thrown into your crazy machine BJ is gonna lets leave the conspiracy theorys to mel gibson, take off your foil paper hat and go back to writing cool stuff like your other blog post

  2. There are too many varibales to go through in order for this "conspiracy" to go through. GSP has to beat Condit and Diaz has to beat Penn. And in this sport there are no guarantees. Anything can happen. What if Penn gets a draw? What if Penn beat Diaz and Diaz loses his next fight? That would bring him down the ladder. Plus if this was a "conspircy" wouldnt they wanna make it happen asap rather than GSP getting injured? And as far as ticket sales no one has requested a refund so the place still sold out without GSP headlining it.


  3. Rolando Lorenty Jr Via Facebook: I mean, I know injuries happen but they couldn't risk GSP losing. I know he sells but they want to make a super fight im talking Brock v couture, liddell v Tito status

    Rolando Lorenty Jr: When Nick smashed bj to smithereens people will know who he is and the fight with him and Georges will create a buzz

    Rolando Lorenty Jr And to touch on your second chance point. They didn't get their second chance the next day. He shunned them for a while before bringing them back

    --You cant really build superfights tho, they either have that quality or not, fedor and randy, chuck and wandy, gsp and silva, if you work towards it then its just like anybody else getting a title shot that fought thru the other contenders. And with bringing people back so fast..he was just reminding nick that its his house and he cant do what he wants like he did in strikeforce im sure he didnt seriously consider cutting him but now he lost out on his big payday and "superfight" and now hes just another guy fighting to be next in line

  4. @anonyous aka Cheech. There wont be a condit v gsp fight. The injury is a fake (ie Rashad)and the reason that was staged was to avoid GSP losing. the only lose variable is Penn winning, which is a long shot. If and when diaz puts on a show and puts Penn to sleep he's gonna get on the mic and call GSP out and it will get people talking. @Jessie, it may not reach super fight status but there will be more of a buzz going into that one than there originally was for this one. and now back to cheech. nobody is talking about ticket sales, UFC sells out every arena it goest to. Im talking about the real money maker, PPV sales

  5. I dont understand where all this "nobody was excited to see gsp and diaz" talk when was that ever mentioned. I never herd anything like that but maybe i didnt read in the right plces

  6. who outside our ufc following friends did you ever hear mention that fight. We were excited about it cuz we been following it since the beginning of time

  7. How can you say long shot when Penn is favored? And if anyone in the welterwight divison deserves any title its either Condit or Ellenber. Condit beat "the next GSP", did something GSP couldnt do and thats finish Hardy in the first round no less, and KOed Kim in the first round who was undefeated. Condit will get his title shot. What they are doing with Diaz is the same thing that they did to Shields. Give him a "tune up" with a good opponet.


  8. you fool. UFC isnt about "deserving a title shot" it's about who can make more money

  9. So your basing this entire thing on the fact that your friends werent as excited about the fight as me nd you?

  10. Well even if Penn whens youre still going to ramble on about how you were right but plans fell through. And Jessie is right GSP will sell despite whoever he fights.


  11. no im saying ONLY our friends even cared about it. A lot of people at school and old co-workers talk about how UFC has been boring besides the last card and half of them don't even know where Diaz has been since his last stint in the UFC